Our Team

Tech Support

Our chief IT technician is Oliver Bass.

Since the creation of Stoney Beach Computers in 2013, Oliver has been helping clients in the Annapolis area - his little green car has been spotted zipping from appointment, to appointment (and you probably have seen him in your favourite restaurant a few times).

Oliver is highly trained in computer science at the university level, and can work on business systems and networks as well as provide PC and Mac support for home use. He continues to update his understanding of information technology, so he can bring the best service for you and your business. AND he keeps the tech jargon to a minimum, so you can make the most informed decisions.

Oliver has been working to help keep your computers and related devices up-to-date, and working. His personal approach to Tech Support and IT services has helped many individuals as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

He supports many of our business clients, keeping their systems up, running and virus-free, so they can avoid costly downtime.

​He also enjoys helping home users, giving them the peace of mind, knowing that their computer systems are running well and secure. 

Oliver does some on-site visits within 50-60 km, and he can also work remotely.

2019 Stoney Beach Computers Upgraded!

Business was doing great so Stoney Beach Computers moved to 467 Saint George Street in Annapolis Royal, improving the commute for many of SBC's clients.

Office Support

2022 Another Upgrade!

Wyllow Franklin joined the team as Office Administrator, helping to streamline appointments and scheduling. She also tries to answer your questions and has even helped sort out some Facebook snarls with a few clients.

Wyllow has helped keep several offices running at peak. She enjoys interacting with you either by email, on the phone or in the office.

Still in the GAME

More than 10 years later, with ever-changing technology, Oliver and Wyllow continue to provide a personable approach to our growing clientele.