Looking for a cable, charger, digital storage, or other computer accessory? We have several options conveniently available in our Annapolis Royal office. 


Micro USB to USB cable - 3'


Lightning to USB cable 3'


Type C to USB cable


Lightning to type C cable 3'


Type C to type C cable 3'



USB Wall charger (1 port)


USB Wall charger (2 ports)


Type C Wall Charger (1 port)


USB Car charger (2 ports)



128 GB USB Flash Drive

(android devices)


64 GB USB Flash Drive

(works with iPhones/iPads)


Mouse Devices

Wired Mouse


Wireless Mouse


Seeking something else, or not sure what you need? Contact us to find out what we recommend and we will be happy to help you source parts or accessories that will be compatible with your equipment.